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  1. I was born on 9th line,in there any photo,s of 9th line then.

  2. Hi, an understandable piece of detective work on the date, using the manhole cover, but it’s misleading. Manhole covers are not a good indicator of construction dates because they’re removeable. In this case, it almost certainly indicates later work. That bridge probably dates to the 1960s, and possibly even the 1950s. In fact, the bridge was circumvented several years prior to 1987 by a road realignment, and was inaccessible to traffic by the time that manhole cover was placed on site.

  3. Thanks for the comment! You are likely right. The bridge design and condition itself certainly looks more like it is from the 1960’s or earlier.

  4. Anyone else born there.

  5. I spent the first 9 years of my life living on the 9th Line, from 1947-1956. This bridge was not there at that time. The 9th Line was a narrow gravel road and definitely out in the sticks. I have such wonderful memories of me and my big brother running free with no cause for worry about “bad people” who might hurt us. We knew every single family on our road, and would often stop by unannounced (okay to do so in those days) for cookies and milk. Across from our house were Mr. & Mrs. Savage’s pasturelands where my brother & I were welcome to explore. Our home was on 3 acres, and it was our playground as well. We got in a bit of trouble one year with a raft we built that promptly sank upon launching in the creek on the Savage’s property. My brother saved me from drowning, but it was hard to explain to our Mother why we both were soaking wet when we got back home. We also got in a bit of trouble with a treehouse we built when my brother decided to build a fire inside to keep us warm on a cold winter day. The treehouse caught on fire, and we barely escaped with our sweet dog in tow. I have so many sweet memories living in that Oakville home. My Dad built it on weekends off from work while we still lived in Toronto. I accompanied my parents in 1965 on one of their yearly visits back to see family; I was 18 and hadn’t been back since we moved to upstate NY in 1956. My parents wanted me to see our former home on the 9th Line. I was dumbfounded! The gravel road was now a 4-lane paved highway with traffic lights and so much activity. Our old home looked much the same, but there were more houses close by now. Not as “country” as before. I will never forget that trip, partly nostalgic and partly heartwrenching. Please excuse my rambling, but when I saw this website, I just had to check it out. I was born in Toronto in 1947 and have been a U.S. citizen since 1961, but my heart always remained in Canada. I would like to return and live out my days there; we’ll see!

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