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Cataract & Forks of the Credit

Filmed as a history project for Sheridan College in November 1977, this was the first and only Black & White open reel video that I have shot.

Shot on Sony V-30D Helical Scan Video Tape on a ‘Portable’ Sony Video Recorder with Battery Pack and separate Camera, it was edited on the same tape. A copy was dubbed to VHS back in Feb 1978, but that copy is likely lost – last at the Sheridan College Library in Oakville.

This is the first time I have watched this video since 1978 when it was dubbed. It is cheesy, low quality and reminiscent of an Adam F. Goldberg production. The music is over dramatic, and my narration is equally dramatic, but it’s a neat lost piece found again, and the story of Cataract & The Forks of the Credit is interesting.… Read the rest

Lost Lake

Close to home, but not known to a lot of people is a pretty neat lake that we found by using Google Maps.

We not only found the lake, but on our way back, we ran into a man whose family owned the land that the lake is now on, and he told us how the lake came to be. It’s a pretty interesting story, and it’s always great to get some historical background on places we find.

 … Read the rest

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